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About Ora Asahel

Ora Nehama Asahel Silverstein is a scientist and author. Her maiden name is Shor and on the mother's side Pohatchevsky. The name Nehama was given in memory of her great-grandmother Nehama Pohatchevsky the wife of Michal, the orchard expert. Both came to Israel as founders and pioneers. Nehama is a well-known feminist and the first Hebrew Israeli novelist. Ora was brought up in the old Pohatchevsky house in Rishon LeZion. She served in the army as the editor of the Israeli Secret Service material. Ora is a biologist and a phytopathologist. Her PhD is in Science teaching and media. She has used her diplomas for teaching Biology and Chemistry extensively.

Ora was head of Science broadcasting department of the Israeli Instructional Television for 15 years and was on the board of the IVLA and on the editorial board of the JVL. She has published in English in the fields of Science Teaching, Visual Thinking, Visual and Verbal Metaphor. In Hebrew - poems, essays and fiction. She has also edited "On the Decline" by Nechama Pohatchevsky and "The Privilege" - her own father's memories. Ora founded A.N.I the Organization of Creative Women in Israel. She has been on the board of the Hebrew Writers Association since 2005

She is married to Ami Silverstein, is a mother and a grandmother.

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