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Facing the Web is Ora Asahel's first book of poetry

(1996, Sifrei Iton 77, Israel)
The book emphasizes her special biography and gives expression to her research activities. 
Her poems are written in delicate lyrical form and the confessional biographical tone awakens trust.

The Pupil Eyesight, Ora Asahel's second book of poetry

(2000 Sifrei Iton 77, Israel)

One is made aware of her search in the fields of media-communication & visual literacy. In this book one feels strongly the deep pull that creations in visual arts have on her. Severe situations are described in colorful pictures in precise, economical language

Frame Of Silence, Ora's third book (2004 Sifrei Iton 77, Israel)

her secrets and those of her families – Shor, Pohatchevsky and Wilson are divulged. The poems are an expression of the process of search, the main thread of which is the deep, non-compromising and demanding connection the writer has to Israel and her ancestral inheritance.

Poems of the Impossible (2004 Sifrei Iton 77, Israel)

are as their name implies. One can find sanity or insanity within them. Pithy expressions touching on the absurd is done from the feminine point of view as if she were running away from earnestness. In a witty way she uncovers a lively but agonising internal world.

The Floor Of Time

This book, published by Sifrei Iton 77, Israel( 2006) was edited by Amos Levitan. 
These poems face a wide range of questions, whether scientific, personal, Israeli-political or of general human interest. These poems excel in expression and metaphorical language which characterize her writing.



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