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ANI (UCW) - Agudat Nashim-Yozrot Israel (2003)


ANI was established in 1996 affiliated to IFUW, presented on the Internet site: By this affiliation it is connected to the international and

national organizations of Academic Women. It is a women’s organization aiming

to promote the Israeli women’s creativity. Members are from all the scale of arts

and literature, scholars and academics are welcome. Among the members there

are artists in the visual fields, writers both in poetry and prose, journalists, media creators and also many other fields. Many members are writers and some of them are working in other languages side to Hebrew. ANI published already 2 Hebrew anthologies and 2 English anthologies.

The English anthologies were presented in the IFUW conferences hosting about 10,000 women, the first in Europe and the second in Canada. The Hebrew books were distributed to the libraries over Israel. ANI is promoting successfully individual members. Many members are also active in other organizations of academy, arts and literature. In 2003 we hope to establish collaboration with Voices. ANI is growing rapidly and is becoming an independent organization. At the same time, there is a group of academic members that are active in the IAUW – the Israeli affiliation of IFUW. Some of these individuals are preparing for the 28th Conference of IFUW in Perth Australia, 2004. These members will produce the next English anthology of ANI to be presented in the conference.

The poetry of the group was presented and analyzed also in 2 academic papers published in the selected readings of the IVLA – International Visual Literacy Association.


Dr. Asael Silverstein Ora, founder 

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