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Come and experience Ora's stage

Poet, writer, scientist and artist

Here you may find pictures, poetry, stories, visual art, research, papers, essays, thoughts and critique.

You are welcome to come on stage and tell me what you think

Ora Asahel is a descendant of jewish families that connected themselves with Israel. Her family includes historical figures that shaped her way. The galilee hasidic Shor fmaily, Samuel Wilson (Sam) - the builder of Tel-Aviv, Nehama Pohatchevsky - a well-known feminist and the first Hebrew Israeli novelist, Michal, the orchard expert, the writers' husband .
Also, Ariel Sharon - the man who became a legend.

my genes grow in israel since 1777. I'm defined as a multi-generation writer, feminist, scientist, moderator and critic.

I established UCW (Union of Creative Women of Israel) and today I'm a post-feminist.  Also an active member of The Hebrew Writers' Association, General Union of Writes in Israel and ACUM. I write every day. As a social media researcher I write papers and participate in conventions. As a family woman I look after my children and randchildren. This and much more you can see in the different sections.

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